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Welcome to rBook and the first book being created in this webspace.

This is very much a project under development and as at Nov, 24 2021 we load the first pages to the book.

I believe that complexity is the greatest contributor to the chaos that is being experienced around the world at this time. We need to get away from the COMPLEXITY of TheLaw, racism, sexism, religion, misinformation, FalseNews and the WWW. We need to get back to a world of KISS, COMMON SENSE and LOGIC. This is the objective of Dignity and Respect..

Starting today we have a long, long way to go. It is my intention to introduce the principles established in TheCode - RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights which remains a major reference ( see details about TheCode here .) as I strive to explain the way we can achieve RESPECT and DIGNITY and thereby HAPPINESS in our lives.

Join me on this journey by Registering on this website, I really need co-authors to make this work,

Keep safe,  Jude.




Demand adherence to TheLaw. TheLaw is a flawed, complex process that claims to protect the individuals within a country and keep them safe. Whereas....



have the number one claim to be love-your-neighbour. This insistence about LOVE is all very well but as soon as any religion starts to be believe that they are THE ONE and frequently that they are THE ONLY ONE they go into hyper mode and turn fanatical. This usually deteriorates into a brimstone and fire ritual where the non-believers need to be ignored and hated if not exterminated.


Dignity, Peace and Happiness.

All the research that I have done points to the fact that if I person has DIGNITY they are pretty well at peace with the world and they are usually HAPPY. Peace and/or Happiness is the desirable goal for practitionaers of most of the many cultures on earth.

Jude 24/11/2021





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DIGNITY, HAPPINESS and RESPECT are closely related to one another. Why should I strive for DIGNITY?
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